Svetozar Milenkovic aka Tozaman

Born on December 22nd 1986 in Aleksinac, Serbia. Raised in a family house in the village Trnjane near Aleksinac. At age 14 he moved to Belgrade where he enrolled in high school and then study. His bodybuilding career started in 2004 primarily recreational and from 2006 as a competitor.

He is multiple national and Balkan champion and winner of various Cups, while his most valuable result is III place in Europe Championship in 2010. All results are achieved in the most prestigious IFBB federation.
He was a member of Extreme Gym club in Belgrade where he also worked as a personal trainer.

Regarding the future plans he’s working to raise his appearance to a higher level so that one day he become a successful professional. He believes that every person should find oneself in something that can truely enjoy and love and to push it to the limit.


Motto: work, order, discipline, perseverance and faith
Meaning of life: to satisfy the deepest aspirations of your heart
Favorite music: Notorious BIG
Favorite food: steak, ratluk (Turkish delight) and local cuisine
Favorite book: The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho
Hobby: fishing